Beer-Can Chicken : Yet Another Recipe

Yeah, Yeah, I know, there are a million versions of this recipe out there, why am I adding Yet Another One to the mix?
Because, well, this is how I did it, it worked, I'm happy, and I know how to replicate it now 😃
Anyhow, here goes

Get 1 5lb chicken. Get a good one, one that you're happy to eat (organic, free-range, etc.).  Make sure that it isn't frozen - if it is, let it defrost overnight in the fridge.
Set your oven to 375°F and let it heat up while you do the following steps

Prepare the Chicken
Clean out a prep-area (to prevent cross-contamination), and pour out a generous amount of salt into a dish.
Wash the chicken out, and - carefully - work the skin free from the breast and the thighs. Use your finger, and - again, carefully, kinda wiggle it in between the skin and the meat, and slowly separate the two.
Get a bunch-a salt, and - liberally - rub it onto the meat (underneath the skin)
Using a toothpick (or skewer) prick around 5 - 10 holes into the chicken at random places.  It will help the fat drain, as well as get the steam going around

Prepare the Beer
Get 1 can beer.  Preferably a tallboy. It really doesn't matter what kind. PBR, Zoe Pils, whatever.  A tallboy though.
Using a can-opener, take off the entire top of the beer-can.  Note - this impairs the structural integritude.  Also, sharp.
Pour out about 1" of beer, and drink it (not directly from the can. Remember - sharp.
Fill a saucepan with about 3" of water, and place the beer-can (open side up!) in the water.  Let the whole thing heat up to where the water is not quite boiling. (Hot is Good)
Remove the beer can from the saucepan, and place it in a (disposable if you so desire) backing dish.
Add your flavorings of choice to the beer.  e.g. smashed garlic clove, bay leaf, lemon juice, peppercorns, sage, rosemary, whatever (yah, if you feel like it, add all of this. Or any of it. Whatever - it'll taste awesome regardless

Let 'er Rip
Place the chicken on the beer can (see picture.  Note, the can will be hot.  Use lots of paper towels.  Or oven gloves.)
Note that due to the loss of structural integrosity, you might get some leanage.  Thats OK, take a picture, and call it drunken chicken.
Place the baking dish in the pan, and let it cook till a temperature probe (you do have a kitchen thermometer, right?) registers 170°F.  This should take around, oh, an hour or so.

Finishing Touches
Take the chicken out, and cover it with some foil (tent the foil, so it doesn't touch the chicken, and water runs off to the sides)
Turn the oven on as high as it can go, give it a few minutes to theat, and put the chicken back in (remove the foil!)
Blast the chicken for around 5 minutes or so - the temperature should now be up to 175°F.  This will get some level of crispiness into the skin.  Not much, but thats OK, it'll still be awesome
Remove the baking dish from the oven, and let it rest for around 10 minutes.  
Remove the chicken from the beer can (ouch! hot, hot, HOT!)
Carve, and serve with a crisp white wine, blanched asparagus, and pizza bianca.
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