We have achieved Peak Friedman!

The Moustache of Understanding has nowhere to go but down after this magnificent ending to this weeks opus
Our biggest problem, though, is not Europe or Obama. Our biggest problem is us and our own political paralysis. The world takes America seriously when they see us doing big hard things together — when we lead by example. If we want to do more nation-building abroad, then we have to come together on a plan to do more nation-building at home first ... That’s how we build our muscle and weaken Putin’s.
What is most scary to me about the world today is the fact that we are doing neither smart nation-building abroad to make the world more stable nor smart nation-building at home to make America more resilient and strong. We need both to be safe. We need more leverage from nation-building at home to have the staying power to lift others, but we also need those foreigners to provide a solid, unified foundation so our leverage can work. It’s hard to replace a flat tire, when your jack is broken or is sitting on quicksand.
Which is an instant Friedman classic, inasmuch as you have no idea what it is that he is saying - it is the ultimate Cool-Whip argument (An argument which is so content-free you end up feeling nauseated)
I mean, are we the flat-tire? The jack? Or the quicksand?  Or the person doing the replacing?  I don't know, and more importantly, I don't care :-)

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