Wither Couch? (Base, DB, whatever)

Curt Monash talks to James Phillips at Couchbase about their future, and comes away, well pretty much where he was before.
There is nothing drastically new in the article as far as Couch (Base/DB) is concerned, there is plenty of information available through The Googles about whats going on there as far as futures, players, etc. are concerned.
The part I found fascinating was at the very end, when he says

  • MongoDB is the big competition. He believes Couchbase has an excellent win rate vs. 10gen for actual paying accounts.
  • DataStax/Cassandra wins over Couchbase only when multi-data-center capability is important. Naturally, multi-data-center capability is planned for Couchbase. (Indeed, that’s one of the benefits of swapping in CouchDB at the back end.)
  • Redis has “dropped off the radar”, presumably because there’s no particular persistence strategy for it.
  • Riak doesn’t show up much.
Which is interesting, to say the least.
The MongoDB is the big competition part is absolutely valid - in a strange way MongoDB has become the MySQL of the NoSQL movement - the default DB that everybody uses.  The problem, of course, is that SQL databases really do tend to be "one size fits all", i.e., once you're thinking relational, to a pretty good approximation it just doesn't matter what DB you use.
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