The Best Airports in the World! (and "surprise", none in the USA)

So yeah, heres Skytrax's list of the Best Airports in the World (for 2014 at least)

1Singapore Changi Airport
2Incheon International Airport
3Munich Airport
4Hong Kong International Airport
5Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
6Tokyo International Airport Haneda
7Beijing Capital International Airport
8Zurich Airport
9Vancouver International Airport
10London Heathrow Airport

I don't really disagree with this, though I do have a soft-spot in my heart for the current Berlin-Tegel - it may be small, but it is remarkably trivial to get from any gate to any other gate :-)

And yeah, the No. 9 up there is in Vancouver, which is a city in Canada, which is not the 51st state (you knew that, right?)
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