Coriander Chutney

Toss the following into a cuisinart / blender, and grind it coarsely (ok, what I mean by that is - don't let 'er rip for hours, and end up with a fine paste - you want some texture in the final product!)
1 bunch cilantro (rip off the bottom 3 inches of the stems. You don't have to, they have plenty of flavor/fibre) 1/2" grated ginger 1 serrano pepper 3 tbsp roasted split chickpeas (•) 1 tbsp peanuts (optional. I like the flavor) 1/4 cup fresh coconut, grated (••) Juice of 1 lemon 1 tbsp tamarind paste salt to taste (probably 1/2 tsp, but it depends on how salty you like stuff...)
This is your base chutney
In a small sauce-pan (or ladle, or some such), make voggarne (think "tempered spices that you add to the chutney for crunch and flavor)
1 tsp mustard seeds
1 tbsp olive oil
and heat on high till the seeds just start crackling.
Then, add 1 tsp roasted split chickpeas and continue on the heat till it starts browning (around 10 seconds or so.  Note - the mustard seeds will probab…

Pie Charts are Awesome!


Cloudflare, DNS, and the Nature of Time

As you probably know by know, Cloudflare had a bit of a DNS issue with the leap second.
TL;DR - Time briefly went backwards somewhere in the code, and everything freaked out. They fixed it. Fast 🎆🎉🎆

Which is an excellent segue about being agile (and Agile, if that is what you do). In particular, that it's not about getting it right (though you should try! Lords yes!), it's what happens when you get it wrong (because you will.  A lot. Yes, even you). S**t happens all the time - even on #NewYearsEve. Especially on #NewYearsEve!

Which is as good a time as any to resurrect these old "Time does not behave the way you think it does" posts.
Read them.  Part One, and Part Two.
Internalize them.
And as - with certainty -  it happens to you again, come back read them Yet Again, and #FacePalm  🤕

🤕 -  I have run into, probably, every one of these at least once 🤕🤕

🤕🤕 - Note the "at least"

🎆🎉🎆 -  I'd like to believe the below is how it happened

Things the documentation doesn't make quite clear - Part 78

So yeah, per the AWS ECR docs, EC2 stores your images in S3.  What they don't tell you, unless you really go hunting, is that

This isn't just a feature, but something really relevant to you because You'll need to be able to get to S3 to push/pull image
Which may not matter till you, till you end up spending five hours trying to figure out WhyTF your wholly private VPC can't pull images from ECR.
Oh yes, you got the NAT gateway set up, and can do pretty much everything else (including pulling from DockerHub), but not from ECR.
It's good to know that the quality of missing information in AWS Documentation remains as high as it used to be.

P.S. The fix is easy - a VPCE.  But that's once you know the answer...

CSS is Awesome (v6)


The Quantums!


Ridership vs Coverage - There *is* a difference...

Jarrett Walker makes the point that public-transit decisions are not made in a vacuum, that there are actual tradeoffs that need to be made between Ridership and Coverage.
If public transit agencies were charged exclusively with maximizing their ridership, and all the green benefits that follow from that, they could move their empty buses to run in places where they’d be full.  Every competent transit planner knows how to do this.  Just abandon all service in low-density areas, typically outer suburbs, and shift all these resources to run even more frequent and attractive service where densities are high, such as inner cities.  In lower-density areas, you’d run only narrowly tailored services for brief surges of demand, such as trips to schools at bell-times and commuter express runs from suburban Park-and-Rides to downtown Mind you, this goes dead against the idea of Coverage - if you told the people who were squawking about "empty trains and buses" that services to the subu…